Everyday Acrylics


All students will be welcome to explore different techniques in the use of paint on canvas, canvas board and watercolor board. Gary will help students to view the different colors in the make-up of the atmosphere, water and the object in still life paintings. Please bring your own photos for reference to help define who you are as a painter. Gary will give individual help and guidance and will critique all work. Please come prepared to use different tools to help you achieve your own style and to have a lot of fun. A materials list will be provided. Beginners are welcome.

Please keep in mind before you purchase materials that the class may not yet be confirmed.

Basic colors of artist paints

Naples Yellow

Cadmium Orange Light or Light Orange

Red Oxide

Dioxazine Purple

Olive Green

Any other color that you like.



Roll paper Towels

Roll of Masking Tape

Gloss Varnish and Medium or matt Varnish

Set of Paint brushes

Canvasses or Artist board

Photos or Pictures that you want to paint

Container for water and brushes

Sandpaper 120 or 180 grit

Alcohol / Isopropyl

Palette for holding your paint 


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Edmondson 3/18 - 3/20 We Th Fr 09:30 AM - 03:30 PM $150.00 View 10
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Edmondson 5/6 - 5/8 We Th Fr 09:30 AM - 03:30 PM $150.00 View 12