Capturing the Essence of Your Subject in Still Life


In this class Joe Gyurcsak will discuss composition/design, drawing vs volume, value, color, edge control and paint manipulation.  There will be a few alla prima demos so students can see and hear explanations in regards to how to establish a successful start and finish in one session.  Personal and group discussion along with critiques will be provided throughout the workshop.  Open to watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic and pastels.  For more info on the instructor please see his website at    Joe is the Resident Artist / Brand Manager for Blick / Utrecht Art Supplies.  All skill levels welcome.  A materials list will be provided.  No refunds after October 1. 

Alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt), is a painting technique, used mostly in oil painting, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint.


Suggested Materials List:

Oil, Acrylic and watercolor/ gouache

Must have colors

Lemon yellow or Hansa Yellow light (must have)

Cadmium Yellow Medium (must have)

Cadmium Red Light (must have)

Quinacridone Red (must have)

Ultramarine Blue (must have)

Cobalt blue (must have)

Cerulean Blue Hue (must have)

Yellow Ochre (must have)

Burnt Sienna (must have)

Titanium White (must have)

Buff white or unbleached titanium white (same thing) (must have)


Optional colors

Cadmium Orange (optional)

Cadmium Red Medium (optional)

Alizarin Crimson perm or hue (optional)

Ivory Black (optional)

Viridian Green (optional)


Painting Knife narrow diamond shaped

Brushes can be natural or synthetic, student’s choice 


Brushes for oil, acrylic

One Small, medium and large, meaning three different sizes of each type below





Brushes for Watercolor / gouache

One medium cat tongue

One medium round

One small round

One liner



Canvas Boards acrylic primed (for oil or acrylic)

12 x 12 (5)

11 x 14 (5)


For watercolor


130 -140 lb. watercolor block cold press medium sized (Arches or any other good quality)

Or Terra skin made by Heart Stone (pads or sheets)



Disposable palette 12 x 16 (work for all mediums)

Paint rags (for watercolor/ gouache or acrylic)

Roll of Paper Towels (viva for oil)

Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (for oil)

W & N impasto gel tube (for oil)

4b pencil

Small sketch book


Pint jar for watercolor and acrylic for water


Plein Air Easel – let us know if you don’t have one and we will find you one.


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