Visual Poetry - Abstracting Realism with Texture Techniques


This workshop takes traditional watercolor painting to new levels of creativity using Kathleen's techniques of "deconstructing" shapes and creating “textural” excitement with color.  Artists should bring seascape, landscape, flower and bird photos and an adventurous attitude!  A materials list will be provided or bring your preferred supplies.  All skill levels welcome.  

Please keep in mind before you purchase materials that the class may not yet be confirmed.

 Beginners may “rent” all watercolor supplies from the instructor for use during workshops for a fee of $55.  If you are renting all supplies, please bring the items listed under “Miscellaneous Supplies” at the bottom of this list shown in red.



*Please use this list as a GUIDE as well as a statement of my personal
watercolor supplies.  If you already have some watercolor supplies, bring what you are most comfortable using.  If you buy from a shop, ask for a student discount.

Sketchbook (9” x 12” is a good size)

# 2 Pencil

Drawing Pencils
2H, HB and 4B)

Small Pencil Sharpener

Plastic Eraser

Kneaded Eraser

Tracing paper 11 x 15 or largermso-bidi-font-weight:bold"> (Optional) - 2 or 3 sheets

Good Quality Watercolor Paper
- 140 lb. Cold Press (Arches is a good brand) 

Less Expensive Watercolor Paper
- 140 lb. Cold Press – any brand in a tablet or spiral approximately 11” x 15” 
for practice work

Watercolor Board to support your paper (approximately 13” x 17” or bring what you already have.  I use 1/8” Plexiglass purchased from a glass shop and have the edges smoothed.)

Watercolor Palette with lid (I prefer the John Pike Palette.)

Watercolor Brushes - Suggested sizes:  Round #6, Round #10, 1/2” Flat, 2” Wash Brush (FYI, Creative Mark “Beste Nadel Round” brushes from Jerry’s Artarama are excellent and inexpensive.  For a 2” wash brush I like the Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold brand which is a sable/synthetic blend.)

Tube Watercolors:  I will be demonstrating with the colors (by brand) on the attached list of my personal palette. 

Basic Colors: (includes a warm and cool of each primary)

French Ultramarine                                                             

            Winsor Blue Red Shade or Thalo (Pthalo) Blue                            Winsor Red

Winsor Red Deep                                                                       

Winsor Yellow                        

Hansa Yellow Deep           

Winsor Green Blue Shade or Thalo (Pthalo) Green      

            Raw Sienna                                                                                     

            Burnt Sienna                                                                  

            Burnt Umber                                                                
Cobalt Blue                                                                 

            Permanent Rose                                                                                 Optional Colors:

Sap Green Permanent (a convenience color)       

Ultramarine Violet                                                                 

Perinone Orange   

Quinacridone Magenta                  

Cobalt Turquoise Light                                                                    Viridian (Green)

Winsor Green Yellow Shade

Winsor Blue Green Shade

* Please note – I have a brand preference for every color because I like
to use “pure pigments” and lightfast paints and not all brands are the
same.  If you would like specific brand names for each paint color please refer to the attached Palette Colors List.  You do not need to purchase all of the colors on my palette list.   

color:red">Miscellaneous Supplies:  Your own non-copyrighted landscape,
seascape, flower and bird photos or sketches, paper towels, small sponge, 2 water containers large enough for your 2” wash brush, box of cheap tissues (the kind without lotion), small spray bottle for water, masking tape, plastic bag for trash, 12-inch ruler, old cotton hand towel, apron or smock.


Note to advanced painters:mso-bidi-font-weight:bold"> If you prefer to stretch your paper and staple it to Gatorboard you may want to do this at home before the class.

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