Jewelry Techniques Inspired by Nature with Art Clay Silver


This introductory class is an adventure in working with precious metal clay.  Art Clay Silver is a great product especially formulated for objects that can be created and fired in the same day with outstanding results.  Art Clay Silver is pure fine silver (.999) mixed with water and an organic binder.  It is soft and easy to work with simple tools.  Once it is fired at 1550 degrees for 45 minutes the product is .999 fine silver.  Art Clay silver is available in several formulations such as syringes, paste, silver coated paper, and overlay paste. Art Clay Silver projects can be combined with ceramics, glass fusions, kiln fired enameled, and torch enameled.  The creative possibilities are endless.  Art clay copper is also available. 


The techniques covered in this class introduces the use of items found in nature such as leaves and using Art Clay Silver Paste to create a lovely pin or pendant. Students will learn the basics of art clay silver techniques and tools and how to use these techniques with Art Clay silver paste.  We will learn how to select the best leaves, apply the silver paste to create an image of the leaf in pure silver. We will learn firing and finishing techniques, attachment skills and other finishing techniques. We will create a variety of silver jewelry and/or other decorative objects for functional use in other projects.


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